Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Roll Over, Shake Hands...

Derelics - Introducing EP (2015)

To quote the band's own description of their debut EP, "it's called 'Introducing' cuz it's an introduction... To what, well, you'll have to listen to figure out."  Hopefully they'll forgive the spoilers, but what you'll hear is a heavy stoner rock with a good ear for melodies and a knack for twisting the songs into interesting new forms without losing the essential groove.  There's a little grunge in their DNA, but it feels like Derelics are more concerned with just rocking their balls loose than living by any sort of genre guide-lines, with all sorts of influences bubbling to the surface over the course of the three songs.  Each of them has plenty of charm, but as is usually the case with me, the longest one won me over the most (in this case, that's "Ride the Fuckin' Snake to Valhalla", and if you're not smiling at least a little at that title, we'll have some stone-faced doom for you another day).  The band has a vibrant energy playing together, plenty of tweaks and fuzz, and seem to be having a great time doing what they do, so get yourself introduced and stay in touch with Derelics.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    From Deep Space, Queen Chief, For Love Not Lisa, Special People, Alice In Chains


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