Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Looking For Trouble...

GURT - D.I.Y.M.C.A. (2015)

GURT's first release for 2015 is this four-track EP, which starts off in a howl of down-tuned sludge with a clear tune underneath the crashes and thick-spitty sound.  There's ~21 minutes altogether, with most of that run-time given over to the slow grindage of "Scrump" and "Scornmower" so the band can bear down on the riffs with room to dissolve into madness.  The irreverent attitude of the band (just look at the cover art if it somehow slipped past you) goes well with their groove-oriented approach to the style, so if you're looking for something to put on while you get sloppy on the week-ends, give GURT a chance, and keep an eye out for a full-length before the year is finished.  And for anyone who happens to be in the Oklahoma region, you'll have a chance to catch their debauchery live tomorrow night in Oklahoma City at the Farmers Market, so get your radishes ready.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Dopethrone, Legalize Crime, Hypnochron, Weedeater, Bongzilla


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