Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Here To Destroy...

Hoof - Seraph of Saturn EP (2015)

Seraph of Saturn is the first release from the West Virginian band of Hoof, whose mission statement of "LOUD HEAVY FUZZ DOOM DOOM DOOM" is about as clear as you can get, though it makes no mention of their sludgy side.  The first of their five tracks, "Black Drug", wastes no time jumping into the fray, with the instruments generating a heavy grind and the vocals yelling right alongside them, slow and fast switched between at the drop of a dime.  A keening note of feedback leads from there to "Hail the Unholy", which raises the doom quotient and gives the vocals a chance to ease up on the growl before it starts to lose impact.
With a sound like an electrical short-out, "Forbidden Pact" begins its descent into slower and heavier pressure before "Putrid Altar" takes over, letting death metal guide the drumming and guitar riffing through the bass' hostile waves.  "Cessation" brings a great atmospheric closing to the EP with rumbling, hissing, and distorted squeals, and the abrupt cut at the end works perfectly.  A very solid start for the band, with a lot of options on where to go from here made available by their unforced blending of metal styles.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Outlaw Order, Legalize Crime, Blind Samson, Countress, Heavydeath


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