Saturday, May 09, 2015

Turbulent Atmospheres...

Methadone Skies - Eclectic Electric (2014)

Ever since their first album came out in 2012 (our review of which can be found right here), Romania's experimental doom crew of Methadone Skies have been hard at work on a follow-up, and Eclectic Electric does an excellent job of continuing their already impressive catalog.  With an average run of ~9 minutes per song, the group gives themselves plenty of room to wander and play, opportunities of which they're only too happy to avail themselves.  Bouncing, bobbing, weaving, and careening, the group's ingenuity with writing and riffing technique suggests jazz and prog backgrounds while staying rooted in their metal-edged form of heavy rock.   Things get kind of spacy in the latter half, with the bass throbbing like an underground power line and the voices calling out into overlapping echoes, with the last track managing a sense of isolation like a slow-drifting escape pod tumbling out into the stars.  Fantastic stuff, too amorphous to pin down with easy description, and well worth a listen for anyone looking for something outside of ordinary.
~ Gabriel


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