Thursday, June 04, 2015

Inexorable Doom Approaches...

War Iron - Precession of the Equinoxes (2015)

Guttural vocals and a big growl of bass open "Bludgeon Lord", the first of the four tracks on War Iron's new album, and things only get nastier from there.  Skull-rattling drums and sludgy riffs emerge to attach themselves to the skeletal frame, swinging harder and harder with each refrain.  "Summon Demon Scream The Abyss" crawls in with more sounds from decaying castles, tearing down through the worm-eaten ground towards the goal of its title.  The title track makes use of an astrological speech sample for a bit of scholastic tinging, even as the bass rings out with immense force over the words and the guitar rises up with fractured vibrations.  And with the last rotation, "From Napalm Altar" gurgles out a dying curse, rumbling down to a conclusive demise.  It's an album that can be taken as one choking-hazard pill or broken up into individual chunks, and either way, you'll be getting a devotedly doomy intake.  One to most certainly check out for those who like their doom slow, serious, and heavy, it's currently available as CD or download through War Iron's BandCamp page.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Trees, The Sleer, Ramesses, Gallow God, Hoof


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