Saturday, June 06, 2015

Raised From The Abyss...

Pedestal for Leviathan - Pedestal for Leviathan (2015)

This self-titled single from the Florida-based one-man band of Pedestal of Leviathan gives a good ~10 minutes of atmospheric and experimental doom, welding together high and low-end vibrations with inventive guitar-work and head-down percussion for an impressive debut.  The insertion of a mid-track breathing point does a nice job of letting the music regather its thoughts, after which it settles in for a good bout of brooding and creeping chords.  The movement from attack to relapse is handled with care, letting each side have its own fair show, and the production strikes a nice balance between rawness for the grime and gloss for the more atmospheric synthy bits.  There's more to come from this act as the year continues, so go ahead and check in on this now to give yourself an idea of the interesting metal emerging from PfL.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Blind Samson, Have A Nice Life, Mamaleek, Attalla, Thergothon


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