Thursday, June 18, 2015

From Silted Waters...

Downlouders - Demo (2015)

The four tracks on the recent demo from Downlouders are intended to give an auditory glimpse of what their upcoming album Arca will be like, and from what can be heard so far, bluesy heavy desert rock will be the way of it.  Slow-rolling riffs with haunting levels of reverb and unusual effects trickling in make for melodic developments so carefully constructed that you may find yourself breaking out in goosebumps, while the infusion of synthesizer underlays is done just as painstakingly, coming together in a very sweet spot between grace and heaviness.  Of course, four tracks from a full album is no guarantee of how the final product will behave, but assuming the rest of Arca is in the same neighborhood, it promises to be a more-than-decent arrival for fans of jumbo-sized desert rock willing to put its soulfulness right out there to be enjoyed.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Powered Wig Machine, Mother Mars, Tumbleweed Dealer, Merlin, Hellenica


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