Tuesday, June 02, 2015

The Evil Flows Forth

Chest ~ The Epitome of True Evil (2015)

 From those cold depths of Finland comes some of truly dark and menacing doom metal with liberal splashes of stoner and sludge thrown in the mix. Chest's latest release "The Epitome of True Evil" is a pretty daunting slab of doom, ranging from heavy mid-tempo riffing galore and screaming guitar solos, on down to slow, funeral procession like paces where the low end stomps on your soul while you're listening to it. With five tracks and the whole thing clocking in at thirty-three minutes, it has a ton of re-playability, and from top to bottom, it's a quality piece of music. Enough so that I'm looking into their back catalog as I write this and I'm digging every minute of it. While I enjoyed the entire run of this album, I was especially partial to the track "13th Day". Over the course of four and a half minutes the song goes from textbook example of a doom metal song, to a section of stoner doom metal excellence. After that it's back to the slow, colossus like plodding, only for the band to make one more trip into the groove and smoke filled stoner doom territory to end things on a "high" note. It's not just how seamless the transitions are, or how well the songs seems to flow, it's some quality stoner doom metal that really needs to heard to be appreciated fully. Lucky for you, it's a free download over on bandcamp, you can't even pay for it if you wanted to unless you're able to snag one of the limited edition tapes they have coming out sometime soon.

For Fans Of; Electric Wizard, Black Sabbath, High on Fire

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