Monday, June 29, 2015

Eloquent Music for Lovers

Nightslug ~ Loathe (2015)

Mixing bouts of feedback and brutally heavy sludge riffs, Germany's Nightslug treads that line between noise and music at times. At points, melding the two into a sonic monstrosity that completely pummels the listener.  Their sophomore album "Loathe" kicks off with the track "Vile Pigs", and within seconds you're accosted by piercing feedback and a solitary bass part, while Otis from "House of 1,000 Corpses" rants in the background. After about thirty seconds the drums crash their way in, followed quickly by a crushing guitar riff. The snarled vocal performance comes up after that, falling in perfectly with the bass heavy swamp groove that permeates the entire track, and album really. Around the three minute mark things begin to slow up just a little, with some spacey and slightly psychedelic feedback pitches. It doesn't last all that long though before the guitar and growling vocals stop all of that in its tracks. The main riff reprises for just a short period before things winds down with a long bout of feedback before leading off into the next song. And all of that goes down in less than five minutes, four and a half to be precise. With the longest of the seven tracks only coming in at just under eight minutes, all the songs have quick durations, probably a result of the band's punk and hardcore background. That keeps things moving at a steady pace though, it never gets bogged down in anything, and nothing feels unnecessary in the music. This is definitely an "all thriller, no filler" kind of sludge metal album. And to make things as easy as possible for you to get your hands on the vinyl copies of this gnarly slab of sludge, it's been co-released by three labels, Broken Limbs Records(US), Lost Pilgrims Records (FRA), and Dry Cough Records (UK). You can't go wrong with that many options, or just grab a digital copy from bandcamp if that's more your speed.

 For Fans Of; EyeHateGod, Cough, Fister

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